Thursday, April 4, 2013

Small steps

Whoa.  Blogger's interface has changed a lot since my last post.  Weird.

So my much-trumpeted success with Barnes and Noble last summer has continued to glide ever-downward like a jumbo jet which has run out of fuel.  My sales have slowed tremendously there; February was by far my slowest month in a year, and although March slightly improved, I also had two days without a sale in March.  That was the first time I've gone a day without a sale there since last July.  End of an era.

Oh well, I'm trying to not pay attention to the numbers.  Having said that, Kobo is partially making up for poorer B/N sales.  I'm definitely making more there than I was when going through Smashwords, so that's some progress.

Finally, I found a way to save myself some time, which always helps out.  One of the things I do to ease my conversion at Smashwords is to write in Word 97/2003, and I found out this morning that you can hack your computer's registry to add that as an option when you right-click to create a new document.  Thus I eliminated the step of creating a new docx file, then saving as 97/2003, then deleting the docx.  It's a small step, but it adds up.