Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trouble for Barnes and Noble?

So this blog entry from Time magazine is very annoying.  The entire thing tries to connect Borders' bankruptcy to Barnes and Noble, implying that because one large chain went belly-up, B/N is next.  Funniest lines, in my opinion:

For now, Barnes & Noble seems to be far from its final chapter. The company still has about $900 million more in assets than debt.

Nevertheless, the writer tries to find shadows lurking everywhere, mentioning that B/N has had to close "a handful of stores in the past few years".  Yikes!

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  1. During Christmas time I went to both B&N and Borders. You can't compare the two, at least the ones near where I live. Granted B&N is nothing like it used to be (now it thinks it wants to be a children's toy shop also) but the interior of the store, meaning the books being offered, were like night and day, in different time zones, in different years, on different planets.