Friday, January 28, 2011

Better and better every day...

So now I have covers!  At least on Kindle—I followed the instructions from the formatting book and things turned out nicely; I was able to get both SC1 and the novella finally, correctly formatted.  If nothing else, I think that I’ve now learned that it’s not worth it to rush.

Hopefully that will improve my Kindle numbers (although I have had another two sales(one from each site) today, so now I’m at 13 for January).  Pubit still has some problems (regarding the cover—the other formatting seems fine) but I’m moving ahead anyway and today registered for Smashwords—I had seen a “cheat sheet” for Pubit formatting that relies upon work done by Smashwords, and since that will expand my reach anyway, it seemed like a good step to take.

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