Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rethinking things

So I’ve been trying a variety of things to get my name out there and stoke some interest.  No sales yet, but that’s not surprising given that nobody knows who I am yet!

I’ve created a FB group in which I’ve posted some stories, and I also posted a short story on a UK site.  So far I’ve had 967 views in two days!  If only those translated into some sales!  I did also just get my first feedback from a reader on that site:

This is simply excellent. I mean the crafting; the style of telling the story…

So that was encouraging.  I’ve also begun work on a novella that I think I’m going to get a professional cover for and see if that works out better.  When I finish and upload that at 2.99, I’m going to drop “Story Collection 1” to 99 cents and see what happens.

So far still SC1 is still “processing” on Barnes and Noble.

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