Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Amazon vs. B/N

OK, so I totally get that nobody has heard of me--let alone my pen name--and thus I shouldn't expect many sales, much less every day.  But Amazon, did you have to tease me last month?  Did you have to give me sales here and there--sometimes more than one a day--and then cut me off dry for February?  Very frustrating. 

And then there's Barnes and Noble, which has turned out to be much more consistent and which is just killing Amazon right now.  Crushing it. Literally 20 to 1, after eight sales yesterday.  Kind of amazing and a great way to start the day!  My goal for February was to hit fifty sales, so unless B/N also goes off the tracks I should be able to do so.  Knock on wood!

1 comment:

  1. That's interesting... I am always shocked when I hear that authors are doing better on B&N than Amazon. But then again I assume most writers tried Amazon before B&N so that may be the reason for much of the disparity. Plus the fact that Amazon has a larger market share.