Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My four-star review

Actually, it's not even a review; it's a four-star rating.  This means that after well over a hundred sales (cumulatively), only one person has clicked on the Barnes and Noble rating device for any of my books.  I'm not complaining (much); I'm just surprised that it's so difficult to get people to leave ratings—let alone write an actual review!


In any case, I'm extremely happy with how February has gone.  I now have two short story collections and a novella live on Amazon, B/N and Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble continues to beat up on Amazon.  As an example, in the last twenty-four hours I've had nine sales on B/N.  I've had one sale on Amazon in the last three days.  Must be the power of that one rating I got on Barnes! J


The novella, which I'd originally priced at 2.99, was selling a copy here and there, but I decided to experiment with the price and dropped it to 1.99, which resulted in absolutely no change at all.  This morning I dropped it to 99 cents.


As JA Konrath has said, the value of a book isn't the price you charge, but rather the profit you derive from it.  Gotta keep that in mind—for me, a few sales at 99 cents will rapidly outpace the earnings from the very few sales I'd had at 2.99, so here's to aiming low!


  1. I haven't had a review yet. Of course, I just published Belvoir last Monday. So, hey, I'm not expecting any reviews yet.

    Congrats to you!!!

  2. You may have stated this before but how many different titles do you have available for sale?


  3. Thanks you guys! Shelia, right now I have 3 titles out--two collections of short stories and a novella.